If you become involved in a legal or business dispute of any kind, the attorneys at NYCE will act quickly and professionally to protect your legal rights and commercial interests.  We understand that each case can be both a legal and a business problem, and that we must provide representation and advice with the aim of resolving such disputes to the greatest benefit of our clients.  NYCE lawyers are able to present your position in the most innovative and efficient manner, affording you the protection that you and your business deserve.

NYCE lawyers have represented clients in State and Federal Courts and administrative agencies, as well as in alternative dispute resolution arenas such as mediation and arbitration.  We have also handled our clients’ interests in appeal proceedings and in settlement conferences.

We understand the importance of allowing you to concentrate on the continuing operation and success of your business even while facing complicated litigation matters.  Handling these stressful legal situations is our business, and we handle our business with the same kind of care and dedication with which you handle yours. 

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