The body of law that governs the interface between schools and students poses significant challenges. NYCE’s goal is to solve problems before they start by guiding educational institutions – large and small – through these dangerous waters to find practical solutions. 

NYCE provides complete representation to local educational agencies, public school districts, intermediate units, and vocational/technical schools.  We also pride ourselves in representing private schools, religious schools, charter schools (of both the cyber and brick-and-mortar varieties), early childhood education centers, preschools, kindergartens, alternative schools, and residential treatment and alternative education facilities.  In extraordinary cases, when our representation creates no conflicts, we work on behalf of parents and students.

We have provided representation in cases involving special education accommodations, compensatory education, denials of FAPE (free appropriate public education), private school tuition reimbursement, student discipline, high stakes testing accommodations, bullying and harassment, and retaliation.  NYCE is well equipped to handle the overarching civil rights allegations that are often part and parcel to these claims.  

Through our closely-related municipal law practice, we routinely assist our clients with the unique legal predicaments posed by the Sunshine Law, FERPA and the laws governing professional, tenured employees.  In all situations, we strive to help schools stay in compliance with ever-evolving laws – a measure that preemptively builds defenses against claims that will inevitably come.

Laws governing private schools are no less complex.  The financial losses that can result from poorly drafted tuition contracts, employment contracts and non-compliant facilities are dramatic.  Whether you are revising your bylaws, securing tax free financing, or dealing with an antagonistic family, we can help.

We can help you avoid making costly mistakes and overcome a multitude of challenges in education law.