The legal issues of family law are often very complex.  If you are contemplating marriage, experiencing marital difficulties, or considering a separation or divorce, one of our experienced family law attorneys can provide you with an evaluation and advice on the best way to handle your particular situation. 


There are few issues which are more personally significant than those which involve the family law attorney. Whether you are marrying, separating, divorcing, or adopting, the results are life changing and affect not only the individuals directly involved, but also their immediate and extended families.

The lawyers in the family law practice at NYCE understand the importance of these defining events and are well equipped to deal with their challenges. We have spent years honing our skills and developing an acute sensitivity to the spoken and unspoken concerns of our clients.  Our goal is to maintain a positive relationship with each client and to provide short term and long term solutions to the issues you may be facing.

The background and training our family law attorneys have is a distinct advantage in knowing exactly how to bring about speedy resolutions. Quite often a more appropriate result may be reached via negotiation rather than litigation. At other times, the reverse is true. At all times, however, our actions are governed by the immediate and long range personal and financial effects they may have on you and your family.

Family law practices include:

  • Prenuptial Agreement – Should I marry without a Prenuptial Agreement?
  • Adoption – Where should we start?
  • Separation – Is there such a thing as a legal separation?
  • Divorce – How long will it take to get a “No Fault” Divorce?
  • Marital estate – What are the marital assets and how are they valued?
  • Equitable distribution – How will the marital assets be divided?
  • Child support –  Who pays and how much?
  • Physical custody – When will the children be in Mother’s care and when will they be in Father’s care?
  • Legal custody – Who will make major decisions concerning the children’s welfare and well being?
  • Grandparents’ custody – What rights does a grandparent have regarding custody of his or her grandchildren?
  • Spousal support and/or alimony pendente lite – Will one spouse be obligated to pay the other any type of support while the divorce is pending?
  • Alimony – Will one spouse be obligated to pay the other any type of support after the divorce is final?
  • Attorney's fees – Will one spouse be obligated to pay the other’s attorney’s fees?

Do you have a family law legal question? Call a NYCE lawyer today at 610-367-2921 or contact us by email to arrange an initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys.