The history of the E. Kenneth Nyce Law Office.

Founded in 1959 by E. Kenneth Nyce, Esquire, The E. Kenneth Nyce Law Office is the oldest continually operating law firm in Boyertown.  For over fifty years, Mr. Nyce diligently represented clients throughout the Boyertown area as a general practitioner until he passed away on February 23, 2008.  Mr. Nyce practiced law with a very personal approach, showing the utmost courtesy and respect toward his clients.

The E. Kenneth Nyce Law Office is committed to carrying on Mr. Nyce’s tradition of personal and loyal service to the client.  Our attorneys and staff members have an intimate knowledge of the Boyertown area and its people. We pride ourselves on our strong local connections, as many of us grew up in the Boyertown area, attended school in the Boyertown School District, and have raised our families here.  Our staff members, Andrea Swavely, Mary Edwards, Marie Brinckman, and Susan Geiger have served the clients of E. Kenneth Nyce Law Office for almost forty years and continue to be an invaluable asset to the firm.

The partners of our firm, Frank R. Bartle, Esquire, John T. Dooley, Esquire, Jonathan B. Young, Esquire, and Eric C. Frey, Esquire, are committed to continuing Attorney Nyce’s tradition of excellence.  The firm represents individuals, insurers, businesses and government agencies and its attorneys are dedicated advocates in both business and the legal community.  As a firm, our attorneys and staff are committed to protecting our clients’ professional, personal, financial and familial interests.

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We are here to provide a full service law firm that can handle all of your legal needs while combining the personal approach instilled in us from Mr. Nyce with the resources and state of the art technologies that today’s clients have come to expect.