Dischell Bartle Dooley is a client-focused law firm achieving results for individuals and businesses seeking help and guidance in a complex legal system.  Because of our personalized approach, we fully understand and effectively pursue desired legal outcomes.


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It’s what makes us, us: an unusually deep and eclectic pool of talent – each attorney a specialist in his or her field – whether tax or corporate law, or family or criminal law – all under one roof. And though none of that is unusual for a top law firm, there is one very important difference: our roof is down the block – and not deep in the city.  

Dischell Bartle Dooley opened in the year of our nation's bicentennial, and though our service area has grown by leaps 

and bounds since, we (as well as our hearts and homes and families and little league teams, etc.) remain devoted to Southeastern, PA.

40 years later, our success – from new clients and new acquisitions (new additions to the DBD family) still comes by way of great word of mouth, not advertising. So in a way, we’re living/breathing proof that our tagline, “results matter,” rings true.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.