When you or a family member is physically injured, your first and immediate concern should be to obtain necessary medical attention.  Your next concern should be to obtain the prompt and competent advice of a personal injury attorney who will answer your questions and protect your interests.

The lawyers of NYCE have represented and fought for injured clients for years in the State and Federal Courts.  We understand the physical, emotional and financial stresses that an injury can cause you and your family members. We will help and guide you through the inevitable legal and insurance-related entanglements so that you can focus your attention on the recovery process and your return to good health.  We will work professionally, competently and efficiently in the preparation and resolution of your case, attempting to reach a reasonable settlement via negotiation even as we move toward litigation.  And, if we must try the case on your behalf, our trial lawyers and support staff will present your case to the court in a manner designed to maximize your monetary recovery.

Our practitioners have earned their reputation as professionals over many years of service to the community.  We have provided representation in the personal injury litigation field for hundreds of clients.

Time is of the essence, and the importance of consulting with one of our personal injury attorneys immediately following an accident cannot be overemphasized.  You owe it to yourself to call us if you or a family member were involved in a/an:

  • Automobile AccidentWork Related Accident
  • Slip and Fall Accident
  • Defective Product Related Accident
  • Workers’ Compensation Injury
  • Accident that Results in Death

Our fees are often based solely on the recovery we generate for you without any financial obligation on your part.  Please call NYCE to schedule an informational meeting so that we may determine the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

Do you have a personal injury law question? We can help! Call us today at 610-367-2921 or contact us to arrange a consultation.